Hope Quests

“To encourage philanthropic travel by way of our sister project 'HopeQuests'”

Launching in the first quarter of 2020, HopeQuests is our effort to fund-raise for other travelers who might not otherwise be able to afford their goals. Our method is simple, we market and crowdfund for these travelers and in return they help spread our mission and effort of care on their journeys. Additionally 50% of all funds raised by us for them will go directly to a charity of their choice.

HQ works in a tiered process where 3-4 teams compete in fundraising to support their personal travel and where 50% of their total fundraising goes directly to a charity of their choice. 

Our application form will include specific details on what makes a team eligible , how we plan to support you, and our specific terms and conditions. 

During a fundraising cycle the selected “conditional” teams will all compete toward a final goal and whoever wins will net the collective fundraising. This creates a fun and friendly competition to promote each other’s causes and ensures that we can make the biggest singular difference with the winning team. 

It is our mission and directive that the competition aspect and all fundraising efforts should be oriented first from a philanthropic point of view and if a “losing” team thinks it’s unfair that they did not receive “their” funds , we should caution their motives. Our motive is to support travel that makes the largest positive impact possible. 

In the final month of a cycle the winning team will have their funds released to them to begin preparation for their trip and their selected charity contacted and donated to on their behalf.