Adventure Media Editing (Photo)

Adventure Media Editing (Photo)

We spend a lot of time behind a camera, and in front of editing software. It’s a passion for us and we HATE seeing epic shots ruined by cheesy instagram filters or over editing. Let us find a balance for you.

Half of the Harding Expedition Co. team’s day job is actually working in graphic design and photography for major travel magazines in the Northwest (OR/WA) and Midwest(MN). So not only do we have a passion, and the talent, its also our freaking day job and we take it seriously.

Additionally, we’re adventure fanatics and active in the overland lifestyle so we already know what you’re looking for out of your shots. Let us take the time and care to bring out the best shots in your photos so you can spend more time getting out there and less time at home on the couch! 

With this in mind, Harding Expedition Co. is proud to offer subscription services to our photo editing guru’s Elijah and Luke. Additionally they are available for contract photography in a separate product listing (Coming December 2019). 

Initially we’re offering 3 main subscription types:

- $1weekly for unlimited professional edits per week  

- $5monthly for unlimited professional edits per month

- $50yearly for unlimited professional edits per year 

Upon subscription confirmation you will be contacted by one of our media specialists within 24 hours and you will be able to begin you media consultation with them via email or phone  to discuss what you’re looking for! Otherwise you can simply email them the photos you want edited and have them returned to you within 24 hours each time. 

Disclaimer: Results may vary based on original quality, resolution, and lighting conditions of the original photo sent to us. For best results we recommend shooting on at least the newest iPhone / android phone (with a point-and-shoot camera or DSLR being preferable) 

Privacy/Ownership: These start as your photos and they end as your photos, you retain intellectual property rights through the entire process and we will never watermark, share, or otherwise distribute your photos without your explicit permission. 

 Our artists have worked in creative media for companies such as Subaru of America, Mercedes-benz USA, Cosworth Racing, Freespirit Recreation, and of course Harding Expedition Co. This is in addition to their 10+ years of freelancing work.