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Krazy Beaver Shovel Pre-Order (30% Off)

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This invite only pre-order is organized for the sole purpose of allowing Harding Expedition Company to order inventory to stock Krazy Beaver Shovels (KBS) on the website in the future. Six (6) total shovels must be purchased by any combination of customers in order for the Pre-Order to go through. This pre-order is not to be shared or advertised in any way. 

The current number of pre-orders is: 3 of 6 orders

If the required number of six (6) shovels order is not achieved, your pre-order purchase will be refunded in full. Once 6 orders are placed the pre-order will end the next business day (meaning more than 6 orders can be placed technically). 

Please understand and allow up to 1 month for the pre-order to run. Then allow up to 2 weeks for shipping once pre-orders have completed.