Curt Cargo Nets

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  • Secures Cargo From Dislodging During Travel


  • Fits Curt Roof-Mounted Cargo Basket/Extension PN[18115/18117]
  • Provides More Reliable Security Compared To Bungee Cords
  • Attachment Hooks Feature Holes For Easy Handling
  • Elastic Netting Fits Over A Variety Of Cargo

Even with the roomiest of vehicles, packing the car for a long trip can quickly turn into a frustrating game of Tetris. CURT cargo carriers are a simple yet effective solution for maximizing the storage area of your vehicle. CURT cargo carrier nets are the simple, effective way to secure your cargo. Using a series of ropes or bungees to keep your cargo in place isnt always effective. Ropes can be a nuisance to unravel and remove from your trailer, while bungees can be unreliable. CURT cargo carrier nets combine the convenience of a bungee cord with the effectiveness of a rope. Our cargo nets feature a series of hooks that latch onto your cargo carrier and provide a taut netting across your items. 
Two Sizes -
Regular : 43x23”
Extended : 65x38”