Donation Subscriptions

Donation Subscriptions

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Transparency statement:

These donations go directly toward both the day2day operations that keeps HEXCO running like website hosting and administrative costs. They also support our long term goals and philanthropic/conservation driven expeditions and publications.

Our next expedition (Fall 2020) touches on the progress (both for infrastructure and peaceful culture) in Bosnia & Herzegovina in the last 30 years since the genocide of the 1990s. This trip seeks to demonstrate and evaluate the effects of a tense "peace" in the Balkan country. For those that aren't aware, Bosnia has one of the most diverse geographic setups in all of Europe, holding Europe's only tropical jungle, as well as deserts, mountains, and plains-lands. 

This expedition will produce an academically reviewed photo-documentary in both print and digital publication forms. All profits from the publication will go to supporting a legal campaign in Bosnia & Herzegovina to gain benefits and legal rights for children of rape during the Bosnian War. As of now, children of this designation face both a social and legal wall to them in BnH due to no fault of their own. We think this should be fixed and seek to shed some light on this as well with the photo-doc directly. 

Future expeditions include rebuilding and studying education efforts in Syria during or after the on-going civil war (Summer 2021), and documenting wildlife conservation efforts and radiation based mutation effects in the Chernobyl exclusion zone in Ukraine (Fall 2021). Smaller, yet no less meaningful, trips within the USA and Canada can be expected as well.

Have a campaign or cause you think we should get behind in the USA? Contact us directly via email at