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We’re a new and small business, our three main staff members have made major life changes and sacrifices to bring this dream to reality and we’ll take all the help we can get during this startup period. 

We have two donation options: 

1.     A one time donation , for every $1 donated we’ll send you a discount code equal to 1% adding up to a maximum of 20% off any product we sell and we’ll try to add any product you request if possible as well. This discount code will be good for 3 months after your donation.

2.     A recurring donation for either $1 , $5 , or $20 a month which would gain you a discount of 5% , 15% and 25% respectively each month.

This is very simply an attempt by us to seek help from our friends and families and as such it’s a “you help us how you can, we’ll help you how we can” arrangement. 

Thanks for reading , and as always , a share on Instagram or Facebook also goes a very long way!