Hexco Affiliate Program (2020 / Updated)

Hexco Affiliate Program (2020 / Updated)

[Must be 18yo+ to Apply]

We have a very simple affiliate program where we try to help you out as you help us out.  Before I get into details, I'd like to first thank you for your interest AND let you know that if you join you'll have access to are affiliate network which has been extremely supportive of both HEXCO and each other, if this is something you're looking for we'd love to have you on the team! 

This program uses our exclusive access to top off-road and outdoors brands to help you succeed on your adventures. We also leverage our professional media background to provide you an affiliate partnership unlike any simple discount sponsorship out there. 

The overland industry has a wide variety of amazing but often expensive products. We take great pride in providing and sourcing quality products for our customers and seek to make those products accessible to anybody who seeks them if possible. Our affiliate program provides a number of ways to increase your accessibility to these quality products and brands, either through discount or preparing your brand for easier sponsorship by leading brands. 

First we offer a discount program, simple enough. Second we offer photo editing and media branding to help those with social media accounts better use their time on the trails, and to boost the quality of their content. Third we offer guaranteed and affordable social media shout outs/partnerships. We think between the 3 options you would be able to save money, support us, and together we can both grow our community in a quality focused way. 

(1) As an affiliate you and your referrals would be granted 10% off on all products in the store.

You can obtain this referral code through a $2 monthly subscription which can easily pay for itself with even a single purchase of a T-shirt from our store. 

If you would like your discounted increased to 15% off you can choose the $3 monthly option. 

Your unique shareable code will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase. 

(2) Our media services (photo editing and branding support) are at a discounted rate to affiliate subscriptions as an add on for an additional $8 monthly. Our media services are designed to provide you with quick and professional photo editing and branding support so you can spend more time out adventuring and less time sitting on the couch editing photos for Instagram and social media. 

Upon subscription confirmation you will be contacted by one of our media specialists within 48 hours and you will be able to begin you media consultation with them via email or phone  to discuss what you’re looking for! Otherwise you can simply email them the photos you want edited and have them returned to you within 48 hours each time. 

(3) Our social media shoutout option is a simple way to boost your content and brand by having us create a post around your existing content (once per month) for $1 monthly. 

Disclaimer: Results may vary based on original quality, resolution, and lighting conditions of the original photo sent to us. For best results we recommend shooting on at least the newest iPhone / android phone (with a point-and-shoot camera or DSLR being preferable) 

Privacy/Ownership: These start as your photos and they end as your photos, you retain intellectual property rights through the entire process and we will never watermark, share, or otherwise distribute your photos without your explicit permission. 

Our artists have worked in creative media for companies such as Subaru of America, Mercedes-benz USA, Cosworth Racing, Freespirit Recreation, and of course Harding Expedition Co. This is in addition to their 10+ years of freelancing work. 

Have questions? Please reach out to our Instagram account ( @hardingexco ) for the fastest response and also feel free to reach out to some of our ambassadors in the Subaru and Toyota communities like Luke @mnoutback , Josh @out.venture , or Travis @flatlyf on Instagram as well. 

Thanks for reading , and as always , a share on Instagram or Facebook also goes a very long way!