The Jonsteen Company

“Tree in a Can” Starter Kits

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Everything you need to plant, grow, and enjoy your favorite trees provided in their own decorative cans. Read more about the amazing company that started this project below! 


  • Mini-Greenhouse
  • Seed
  • Soil
  • Perlite
  • Know-How

Born in America's National Parks as a supplier of live redwoods with interpretive packaging. The Jonsteen Company has grown to serve a diverse array of clients, from individuals and small independent retailers to major public relations firms and Fortune 500 companies on all kinds of tree projects, large and small. More than just a wholesale tree grower, Jonsteen is known for creatively packaging its trees for a variety of markets and purposes; for teaching about trees and their many benefits to people and the planet; and for supporting, in perpetuity, the folks giving, selling, and growing its trees.